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Ok.  Here I am Bill Belew’s workshop on blogging.  This is my first, thus practice, blog.  I’m a whiz at typing and writing but a clutz at computer technology.  Ok, so I’ve just created this blog to allow myself to dabble, fumble, flub and make mistakes.

I’m not sure how to switch from free, no-income producing blog to an income producing one.  And this is a test.

I’ve just learned that WordPress is free and allows only two columns.  How to set it up is very easy, with the help of my next-door classmate, Lisa, who is fabulous.

Ok, so the new lesson at this moment is to put this first post in draft form then write another one.

Ah, I just learned how to create a link to Bill’s website.  Ah, this is great…..  My tummy and tastebuds wander to the lunch table.

With tummy full, I am now learning about putting images.


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